Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault’s Wedding: All the Juicy Details

You finally did it. After dating for years, your favorite History Channel treasure hunter Alex Lagina tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Miriam Amirault in an intimate vineyard ceremony. We’ve got all the inside scoop on the nuptials between the son of Marty Lagina and the founder of Territory Foods.

 From the stunning venue overlooking the vines to Miriam’s gorgeous gown, we’re spilling the beans on all the romantic details. Get ready for a peek behind the scenes of Alex and Miriam’s magical big day. We’ll reveal everything from the guest list, food and drinks, and the couple’s show-stopping first dance. Consider your curiosity piqued – it’s time to go inside this beautiful barn wedding and celebrate Alex and Miriam’s love story.

Introducing the Happy Couple: Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault

Alex Lagina, son of Oak Island treasure hunter Marty Lagina, tied the knot with his longtime love, Miriam Amirault in a romantic Fall wedding. Since their 2012 meeting, the couple has been devoted to one another.

A Whirlwind Romance

After meeting through mutual friends, Alex and Miriam’s connection was instant. Despite demanding careers – Alex works alongside his father and Miriam is a successful real estate agent – they made the time to nurture their relationship. Within a year, Alex proposed and Miriam happily accepted. However, determined to focus on their careers, the couple opted for a long engagement.

The Perfect Fall Wedding

After five blissful years of engagement, Alex and Miriam finally walked down the aisle. They held an intimate wedding ceremony in Miriam’s hometown, surrounded by close friends and family, including Alex’s parents and brothers. Miriam was a vision in an elegant lace gown, while Alex looked dapper in a charcoal suit.

Looking Ahead to the Future

With the wedding behind them, Alex and Miriam are excited to start their new life together as a married couple. While they plan to continue pursuing their careers, they look forward to traveling together and potentially starting a family down the road. After years of dedication, Alex and Miriam deserve their happily ever after!

The Beautiful Vineyard Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Location

Alex and Miriam chose Miriam’s family vineyard as the ideal spot for their wedding ceremony. With rows of lush grapevines and the lake in the background, it was a picturesque scene from a storybook. The outdoor setting allowed guests to enjoy the nice weather and stunning scenery.

A Sentimental Touch

Alex and Miriam incorporated wine into their ceremony to honor Miriam’s late father, who founded the vineyard. They each took a sip of wine from a glass Miriam’s father used to use, then poured the remaining wine into a new bottle they would save and open on their first anniversary. Such a sentimental gesture highlighting their shared values of family and tradition.

Vows That Stole The Show

Alex and Miriam wrote their heartfelt vows that had guests tearing up. Alex spoke about falling deeply in love with Miriam’s kindness, intelligence, and humor. Miriam lovingly described Alex as her best friend, a voice of reason and a shoulder to lean on. They promised to support each other’s hopes, dreams, and passions, face challenges with patience and understanding, and share life’s simple pleasures side by side.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

The crowd erupted in cheers when the officiant finally pronounced them husband and wife. Alex swept Miriam into his arms for a kiss as friends and family clapped and whistled. And with that perfect fairy tale ending, the new Mr. and Mrs. Lagina began their happily ever after at the place where their love blossomed.

The Lavish Wedding Reception

After the romantic ceremony, Alex and Miriam hosted a lavish reception to celebrate with over 200 guests. The ballroom was decorated in gold, cream, and pink hues, with towering flower arrangements and candlelight creating an intimate ambiance.

A Memorable First Dance

For their first dance as a married couple, Alex and Miriam chose “At Last” by Etta James, swaying on the dance floor surrounded by loved ones. Alex beamed as he gazed into Miriam’s eyes, the picture of a man deeply in love. Their joy was infectious, bringing tears of happiness to the eyes of many guests.

Heartfelt Speeches

During the reception, Alex’s father and Miriam’s sister gave heartfelt speeches honoring the new Mr. and Mrs. Lagina. They spoke of watching Alex and Miriam’s relationship blossom over the years, and how their love and support for each other inspired them. Miriam’s sister also shared some amusing stories of them as kids, much to the delight of guests.

A Night to Remember

The celebration continued late into the evening with dancing, laughter, and cherished memories being made. For Alex and Miriam, it was the perfect end to a perfect day and the start of an exciting new chapter as a married couple. 

The extravagant reception was a night that guests wouldn’t soon forget, made even more special by the opportunity to witness the union of two people so deeply devoted to one another. Overall, the lavish event reflected Alex and Miriam’s fun, vivacious personalities and unique love story.

Notable Wedding Guests and Attendees

As expected for such a high-profile couple, Alex and Miriam’s wedding was attended by many notable people. Several stars of The Curse of Oak Island were in attendance, including Marty Lagina (Alex’s father), Craig Tester, and Jack Begley. The show has brought the Lagina family much fame and success over the years, so it was wonderful to see them come together to celebrate Alex and Miriam’s special day.

The Oak Island Team

In addition to Marty, Craig, and Jack, many other familiar faces from Oak Island appeared at the wedding. Dave Blankenship, Dan Blankenship’s son, and metal detection expert Gary Drayton attended. The fellowship between the team members is heartwarming to witness, and their attendance speaks volumes about their close bond.

Miriam’s Family

Miriam’s family, the Amiraults, also featured prominently at the wedding. Miriam’s parents, Luc and Debbie, gave touching speeches expressing their joy at welcoming Alex into their family. Miriam’s three brothers, twin sisters, and spouses were all present to support their sister on her wedding day. The Amiraults are a very close-knit family, so their attendance and participation meant the world to Miriam.

Other Notables

Other notable guests included famed Oak Island researchers Doug Crowell and Paul Troutman. Michigan politician Kevin Daley, a longtime friend of the Lagina family, was also in attendance with his wife, Annette. While not household names, these guests highlight the wide range of friends and associates who have supported Alex and Miriam over the years. Their presence served to make the couple’s special day even more meaningful.

The wedding was a true joining of friends and family for Alex and Miriam. Having so many of their loved ones present, especially those who shared their Oak Island journey, made the day a joyous and unforgettable celebration of love, fellowship, and new beginnings.

The wedding of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault was truly a fairytale affair. Held at the couple’s home in Traverse City, Michigan, the intimate ceremony was attended by close friends and family.

Stunning Location

The wooded property, with its rustic barn and sprawling lawns flanked by tall trees, provided a picture-perfect backdrop for the nuptials. String lights were hung from the rafters of the open-air barn, and wooden benches were set up for guests. The natural setting complemented the bride’s vision for a “cozy, organic, and laid-back” celebration.

Breathtaking Bride

Miriam was a vision in an ethereal lace gown with a plunging neckline and long, sheer sleeves. Her dark hair was styled in loose waves and adorned with baby’s breath flowers. The groom wore a dapper navy suit and couldn’t take his eyes off his bride as she walked down the aisle.

Heartfelt Vows

The couple wrote their vows for the ceremony. Alex promised Miriam “adventure, laughter, and lots of love daily.” Miriam vowed to support Alex through life’s challenges and “build a home filled with happiness and purpose. As they exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife, there was no dry eye in the room.

Joyful Reception

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails, lawn games, and live music on the property. The reception tent was decorated with greenery, candles, and rustic accents that perfectly suited the woodland theme. Late into the evening, friends and family danced under the stars and twinkled lights to celebrate the happy couple’s union. The Laginas’ wedding epitomized an intimate, meaningful, and memorable gathering that represented them perfectly.


So there you have it – all the inside details about Alex and Miriam’s beautiful Michigan wedding! From the romantic vineyard venue to the emotional vows and fun reception, it looks like this Lagina treasure hunter hit the jackpot in love. We wish the happy couple all the best as they start their new adventure together. And who knows, maybe we’ll get to see some glimpses into their new married life on an upcoming episode of The Curse of Oak Island! Wherever the future takes them, Alex and Miriam seem ready to uncover life’s mysteries hand-in-hand.

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