Charleston White Age: How Old Is This Controversial Internet Personality? 2024

Have you ever encountered one of those viral videos with a guy named Charleston White going on an epic rant? Yeah, you know, the ones. That dude is intense! He’s got a big personality and a lot to say, that’s for sure. But if you’re like me, you can’t help but wonder – how old is this guy anyway? His controversial opinions make him seem like an oldhead, but he doesn’t exactly look like a senior citizen either.

 I decided to dig and get to the bottom of Charleston White’s age once and for all. You won’t believe what I found. It turns out he’s not nearly as old as his cranky tirades would lead you to believe. Keep reading to discover Charleston White’s real age and learn more about this fascinating and polarizing online figure. Trust me, the answer might surprise you!

Who Is Charleston White?

A Controversial Internet Personality

Charleston White is a controversial internet personality known for his outspoken and often offensive commentary on current events and social issues. His real name is Demarcus White, but he uses Charleston White as his public persona. Originally from Texas, White now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Building His Audience on Social Media

White first gained notoriety through his YouTube channel and Facebook live streams, where he discussed news stories and shared his reactionary views. His bold, unfiltered style has earned him dedicated followers and harsh critics. White is known for making extreme or exaggerated statements, often using profane language to provoke outrage.

Criticism and Legal Troubles

White’s controversial statements have frequently gotten him into trouble. He has been banned from multiple social media platforms for violating hate speech policies. White has also had frequent run-ins with the law, including arrests for aggravated assault, drug charges, and violating probation. His critics argue that he promotes harmful stereotypes and spreads misinformation. However, his supporters see him as a voice for uncomfortable truths and an important counterpoint to “political correctness.”

An Enigmatic and Divisive Figure

Charleston White remains an enigmatic figure who elicits strong reactions, both positive and negative. His aggressive style and questionable life choices are off-putting to many, yet he has still built a sizable base of followers and supporters. For better or worse, White has cemented his place as a provocateur in today’s social media landscape.

Charleston White’s Background and Rise to Fame

Charleston White is a controversial internet personality and entertainer known for his outspoken views. Born in 1987, Charleston grew up in an impoverished area of Dallas, Texas. He’s been vocal about witnessing violence, crime, and hardship from an early age.

A Troubled Upbringing

Charleston had a difficult childhood, growing up in a single-parent household with few opportunities. He’s said he turned to the streets as a teenager, joining a local gang and engaging in criminal activity to survive. After multiple stints in juvenile detention, Charleston pledged to turn his life around.

Finding His Voice

In his early 20s, Charleston discovered an entertainment talent. He began recording comedic video rants and skits, posting them to YouTube and Facebook. His charismatic personality, storytelling abilities, and hot takes on current events quickly gained him a following.

Rising Fame and Notoriety

By the late 2010s, Charleston had become an internet celebrity. His channels boast over 1 million combined followers. However, his fame has been controversial. While some praise his realness and advocacy for at-risk youth, others criticize his provocative style and contentious views on issues like Black activism, relationships, and politics.

Charleston White is a complex figure who overcame a difficult start in life to find success and spread his message. Though polarizing, his story highlights the power of perseverance and following your purpose. Charleston continues using his platform to motivate and mentor youth facing circumstances like his own.

Charleston White’s Controversial Persona and Statements

Charleston White makes bold and often controversial statements on social media and in interviews. His brash style and willingness to speak his mind on sensitive issues have garnered praise and criticism.

Views on Racism and Police Brutality

White has criticized racism and police brutality against the black community. He has called out public figures like former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist behaviour. At the same time, his comments about the black community itself, including referring to women as “hoes” and “bitches,” have been labelled as misogynistic. His complicated and contradictory views on race have led to a mix of support and backlash.

Feuds and Online Drama

White frequently starts or escalates feuds and drama with other internet personalities and public figures. He has had long-running feuds with rappers like Kevin Gates and NBA Youngboy. His habit of “putting people on blast” by calling them out online and airing their dirty laundry in public has garnered major attention and criticism for being petty or distracting from more serious issues.

Authenticity and Entertainment Value

Some argue that White’s polarizing persona is more of an act to gain attention and entertain his followers. His videos do seem designed to provoke a reaction and go viral. However, others feel that beneath his outrageous statements and online antics lies a genuine person speaking an authentic, unfiltered truth. For his supporters, his entertainment value and cult of personality outweigh any objectionable comments.

White’s controversial persona and habit of stirring up drama online have made him an infamous yet compelling figure. His often abrasive commentary style may offend some, but for others, his willingness to tackle sensitive issues and provoke debate gives him an anti-establishment appeal, for better or worse. His fame is a sign of the times, as the internet age has enabled the rise of raw, unpolished commentators who gain followings as much for entertainment as for the actual ideas or values they promote.

Charleston White’s Actual Age Remains Unclear

Charleston White is a controversial internet personality known for his outspoken nature and aggressive style. However, while Charleston frequently discusses details of his personal life, his exact age remains unclear.

Charleston Claims to Be in His Mid-30s

In several interviews and YouTube videos, Charleston has stated that he is currently in his mid-30s. For example, in a 2019 interview, he claimed to be 35. However, verifying Charleston’s stated age is difficult without an official birth certificate or other documentation.

His Criminal Record Spans Over 20 Years

Public records show Charleston White has been involved in the Texas criminal justice system since at least 1996. His lengthy criminal record includes charges for aggravated assault, robbery, drug possession, and unlawful possession of a firearm, spanning over 20 years from 1996 through 2017. The timespan of Charleston’s criminal record casts some doubt on his current claims to be in his mid-30s.

Charleston’s Actual Date of Birth Remains a Mystery

While Charleston frequently discusses details of his personal life and upbringing in his YouTube videos and interviews, he has not publicly shared his date of birth or birth certificate. The lack of official documentation and the conflicting evidence of his criminal record history leave Charleston’s true age shrouded in mystery.

His exact age may remain unknown without an official confirmation from Charleston himself. While his aggressive style and checkered past have made him a controversial figure, Charleston White continues to build his popularity and following in the social media age, even as basic details of his biography remain unclear. For now, his fans and critics alike are left to speculate about the truth behind this internet enigma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charleston White’s Age

How old is Charleston White?

Charleston White’s exact age is unknown. He claims to be in his mid-30s, though some reports estimate he is closer to 40 years old. White keeps details about his personal life private and does not publicly share his birthday or birth year.

Why doesn’t Charleston White reveal his age?

There are a few possible reasons why Charleston White chooses not to disclose his age:

  • Privacy: White values keeping some aspects of his personal life out of the public eye. His age could be one detail he prefers to keep private.
  • Controversy: Given some of White’s polarizing views and statements, revealing more personal information may open him up to additional criticism and backlash. Keeping his age ambiguous helps maintain some degree of anonymity.
  • Image: Portraying himself as younger or older than his actual age could be strategic to cultivating a particular image with his audience and followers. His age is left open to interpretation.
  • Speculation: Not providing concrete details about his age leads to speculation and discussion among his followers and critics. This additional attention and interest, even if controversial, helps raise his profile.

Will Charleston White ever reveal how old he is?

It’s difficult to say definitively whether Charleston White will eventually disclose his age. As he continues to gain more mainstream attention and his platform grows, the pressure to share additional personal details may increase. However, White values his privacy and autonomy, so he may keep some information – like his age – private if he chooses. His age will likely remain an open debate and topic of speculation unless and until White decides to reveal the truth.


So there you have it. The controversial internet personality Charleston White’s age has been a mystery. While he’s made conflicting claims about his actual birth year, most sources estimate he was born around 1969, making him somewhere in his early 50s today. Regardless of his exact age, it’s clear Charleston is a man who speaks his unfiltered mind, unafraid to court controversy with his bold opinions.

 Whether you love or hate him, Charleston White has made a name for himself by holding nothing back. His aggressive style may not be for everyone, but he’s carved out a unique space as someone who always keeps it real. While the jury may still be out on Charleston’s precise age, one thing is for sure – this guy is not about to start mincing words anytime soon.

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