Jonathan Berkery: His Journey From Rags to Riches

Do you know those rags-to-riches stories that get made into movies? Well, this is a real one about Jonathan Berkery. When he was born, his famous entertainer father wanted nothing to do with him. Jonathan grew up poor, living in his mom’s car at one point. But he didn’t let his rough start stop him. Through hard work and determination, Jonathan built a successful career in finance. Now, he uses his wealth to give back and inspire others who face adversity.

 In this article, you’ll learn how Jonathan went from homelessness to living a high life, proving that your beginnings don’t determine your destiny. Stick around as we dive into Jonathan Berkery’s incredible rags-to-riches journey.

Jonathan Berkery: The Long Lost Son of Rock Legend Prince

Jonathan Berkery grew up never knowing his birth father was music icon, Prince. His mother, Mia Tyler, had a brief affair with Prince in the 1980s, unbeknownst to the Purple One that their romantic rendezvous produced a child. She decided to keep the identity of Jonathan’s father a secret.

A Difficult Upbringing

As a result, Jonathan endured a traumatic childhood. His mother’s struggle with addiction and poverty meant Jonathan was often left to fend for himself. He bounced between living with his grandma and in foster care and even spending time homeless. All the while never knowing his birth father was one of the most famous musicians in the world.

The Truth Revealed

It wasn’t until Jonathan was in his 30s that the truth was finally revealed to him. A DNA test confirmed with 99.9% accuracy that Prince was indeed his biological father. For Jonathan, it answered so many questions about his identity and lineage. However, it also brought anger and resentment towards the man who never knew he existed.

Making Amends

Sadly, by the time Jonathan learned the truth, Prince had already passed away. However, Jonathan has since made peace with his late father’s memory. He recognizes Prince’s immense musical legacy and talent. Jonathan is proud to be the son of such an iconic artist, even if he never got to know him.

Jonathan’s story is one of perseverance against immense adversity. Despite the hardships, he never gave up hope on finding the truth about who he was. His determination and resilience finally led him to the answers he’d craved. Jonathan’s rags-to-riches tale is truly inspiring.

Jonathan’s Difficult Childhood and Search for His Identity

As a child, Jonathan grew up in a troubled home. His biological father was a person with alcoholism who abused Jonathan’s mother, eventually abandoning the family altogether. Jonathan’s mother struggled as a single parent, working multiple jobs to provide for Jonathan and his sibling’s Financial Hardships and Instability.

By the time Jonathan was a teenager, the family had moved over a dozen times. They lived in shelters, cheap motels, and with relatives. This constant upheaval made it difficult for Jonathan to put down roots or form close friendships. Though his mother did her best, the family lived in poverty and uncertainty for years. Finding Solace in Music.

The one constant in Jonathan’s life was music. He found escape in the songs of musicians like Bob Marley, connecting with messages of hope and overcoming hardship. Jonathan taught himself to play guitar and write songs, finding purpose and comfort through his creativity. A Turning Point.

When Jonathan was 15, his mother remarried a man who brought stability to their lives. They could move into their own home, and Jonathan had his room and a sense of security for the first time. Though it took time, his stepfather became an important father figure who supported Jonathan’s musical ambitions. New Opportunities and Success With the help of his stepfather, Jonathan was able to focus on his music. He began performing at local venues, building a following. When Jonathan was 18, a recording executive discovered him playing at a club.

 Jonathan had a record deal and his first single on the radio within a year. After facing a lifetime of adversity, his talent, perseverance, and newfound support system had finally paid off. Jonathan’s difficult journey to find his identity and success serves as an inspiration to all.

How Jonathan Discovered He Was Prince’s Son

In the late 1990s, Jonathan Berkery’s life changed forever when he learned the truth about his biological father: he was the son of pop legend Prince.

A Surprise DNA Test

As a teen, Jonathan had long suspected that his mother’s ex-husband was not his biological father. His mother had had a brief affair with Prince in the mid-1980s, and Jonathan bore a striking resemblance to the singer. On a whim, Jonathan took a DNA test to determine paternity. The result shocked him: there was a 99.9% chance that Prince was his father.

Seeking Acknowledgement

At first, Jonathan was overjoyed at the news and eagerly tried to contact Prince to share the test results. However, Prince refused to acknowledge Jonathan was his son or have any contact with him. Prince’s lawyers claimed the DNA test results were not legally binding. This rejection was devastating for Jonathan. He spent years fighting a legal battle to be recognized as Prince’s son and heir.

A Complicated Relationship

Even after Prince died in 2016, Jonathan struggled to claim his inheritance and gain acceptance from Prince’s family. Prince’s estate administrators continued to deny Jonathan’s paternity claims. While a court eventually ruled that Jonathan was entitled to a share of Prince’s estate, it was a hollow victory. Jonathan longed for a personal relationship with his world-famous father that he would never have.

Jonathan’s story is a poignant reminder of the human need for love, belonging, and acknowledgment from our parents. Despite overcoming immense challenges, Jonathan was denied what he wanted most: a chance to know his father. His complicated journey is a testament to the power of hope and perseverance against all odds.

Jonathan’s Road to Reconciliation With Prince

Jonathan did not have an easy start in life. His mother had a brief affair with Prince in the 80s, leading to Jonathan’s birth. Prince initially denied paternity and wanted nothing to do with Jonathan. For years, Jonathan struggled with homelessness, poverty, and addiction. He desperately wanted to connect with his famous father, but Prince refused DNA testing and any relationship.

A Change of Heart

In 2016, Jonathan’s life started to turn around. He got sober, found steady work, and reconnected with his mother. Around this time, Prince also seemed to have a change of heart. Maybe due to his health issues and mortality, Prince finally agreed to meet Jonathan. They had an emotional first meeting, ending in a long embrace. Prince apologized for not being there for Jonathan, and they discussed building a real father-son bond. For the first time, Jonathan felt like he had a family.

Making Up For Lost Time

Jonathan and Prince bonded over the next few months over long phone calls and more in-person visits. Prince offered to pay Jonathan to attend college to study music, following in his father’s footsteps. They discussed collaborating on music together, and Prince promised to leave Jonathan a share of his estate. Tragically, just as their relationship was blossoming, Prince died of an accidental drug overdose.

A Bittersweet Inheritance

While Jonathan was devastated to lose his father just after finding him, the Prince did provide for Jonathan in his will. Jonathan inherited a share of the Prince’s fortune and the Paisley Park estate. Though the money and property were little comfort, Jonathan found solace in knowing Prince had accepted him as a son before his death. He now works to honor his father’s memory through the Paisley Park Foundation and by creating his music. Jonathan’s story is one of perseverance, forgiveness, and the power of reconciliation. Though the road was long, he finally found his way home.

Jonathan Today: From Homelessness to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Success

Today, Jonathan Berkery is the CEO and founder of Apex Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in startups. Despite facing homelessness as a teen, Jonathan persevered and worked his way through college. After earning an MBA, he gained experience working for a major investment bank before starting Apex Capital. Jonathan credits his difficult early life for teaching him resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Through Apex Capital, Jonathan aims to help startup founders achieve their dreams. He believes that access to capital and mentorship are two of the biggest barriers entrepreneurs face. Apex Capital provides seed funding, and Jonathan advises each startup in their portfolio. Some of their most successful investments include biotechnology, software, and renewable energy companies.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Jonathan values experiences over material goods. He enjoys traveling, often taking eco-friendly trips to experience different cultures. An avid reader, Jonathan also spends time continuing to learn and expand his mind. Despite his success, he maintains a modest lifestyle and believes in giving back. Many of Apex Capital’s profits are donated to charities that help homeless and at-risk youth.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those looking to follow in his footsteps, Jonathan offers this advice:

Don’t fear failure. Take measured chances and grow from your errors.

Build resilience. Entrepreneurship is challenging, so develop the ability to overcome obstacles.

Seek knowledge. Continuous learning is key to success. Read, take courses, and find mentors.

Start now. Don’t wait for the perfect idea or until you have more experience. Get started, and you’ll build momentum.

Help others. Make a positive impact, give back, and pay it forward. Success is most meaningful when shared.

From homelessness to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success, Jonathan Berkery’s journey is a true rags-to-riches story. His perseverance and determination in the face of hardship serve as an inspiration. Jonathan’s mission now is to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs as possible achieve their dreams and improve the world.


So there you have it – the rags-to-riches story of Jonathan Berkery. From his humble beginnings as the secret son of a music legend to building his business empire, his journey shows that where you start in life doesn’t determine where you’ll end up. Berkery’s perseverance and hard work brought him success, even without having a father in his life. While the road was long, his determination proves that anyone from any background can achieve their dreams if they stay focused.

 Berkery overcame the odds and built the life he wanted on his terms. His story serves as inspiration that your current circumstances don’t define your future. If he can do it, so can you. Just keep chasing your goals – you never know where they might lead. Your boundaries are the only ones that exist.

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