Swapped With a Pervy Pillow: My Strange Body Switching Experience

You’re just minding your own business, chilling on the couch and watching TV, when suddenly – bam! – you’re seeing the world from a totally different perspective. Like, really different. Imagine waking up stuffed inside a pillowcase and unable to move.

 How would you feel if you were trapped inside a pillow being squished and tossed around? That’s precisely what happened to me last week during the strangest body swap of my life. I’m still shaken just thinking about it. Let me tell you the story of how I somehow got swapped into the body of a pervy decorative pillow. You won’t believe what that thing made me do!

How I Woke Up in My Pillow’s Body

The Shock of My Life

When I first opened my eyes, everything seemed normal. That is until I realized I couldn’t move. I was stuck in place, crammed into some casing. Panic started to set in as I glanced around and saw nothing but fluffy white filling surrounding me. I had been transformed into a pillow!

Trying to Make Sense of This Bizarre Situation

My mind raced as I tried to figure out how this could have happened. I didn’t remember making any wishes the night before, and I certainly didn’t dabble in any strange rituals. The last thing I recalled was drifting off to sleep, safe and snug in my bed. Now, here I was, trapped in this lumpy form with no way to call out for help.

The Pervy Pillow

After what seemed like hours of fruitless struggling, I finally accepted my pillowy fate. That’s when I noticed I could sense everything that was happening around me. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I won’t get into the private details, but let’s say my owner started behaving in ways I wish I could unsee and unheard! This voyeuristic nightmare went on for two days before the spell was mysteriously broken, and I found myself back in my own body, scarred but grateful to be human once more.

I promptly threw that pillow in the trash. Some things you can’t experience! My strange adventure taught me to appreciate the simple things in life and be careful what I wish for. I got more excitement than I ever bargained for and swapped into that pervy pillow.

Exploring My New Pillow Body and Limitations

So there I was, stuck inside a pillow. At first, it felt soft and cozy, but I soon realized I couldn’t move! No arms, no legs, just a puffy casing filled with feathers.

Limited Mobility and Senses

I couldn’t walk, grab things, or even turn my head. My senses were dulled, too. I could faintly hear the world around me but couldn’t see anything through the pillowcase. It would take some getting used to this.

Adapting to a Plush Prison

After the initial shock wore off, I started exploring my new form. I discovered I could still roll and bounce by shifting my weight, though with little control or speed. My speech was muffled but audible if I spoke loudly. I tried to make the best of my velvety confinement by nuzzling into cozy spots and dozing the day away like pillows do.

An Unexpected Encounter

That evening, I awoke to someone grabbing and squeezing me. It was my owner who proceeded to kiss and caress my pillow body passionately. I tried to protest but could only emit a few incoherent grunts. My feathers provided pleasing sensations as I was tossed, turned, and wrapped around my owner’s body. I realized with horror that I had become an unwilling object of pleasure.

This strange experience gave me a new appreciation for the mobility and senses I usually take for granted. I hoped that by morning, the bizarre effects of whatever caused my transformation would wear off, and I’d return to my regular body. For now, I had to endure this unsettling encounter and hope my owner didn’t escalate things any further! What a wild and crazy night this had turned out to be.

My Pillow’s Pervy Antics in My Human Body

When I first woke up in the body of my pillow, I was confused and disoriented. But that was nothing compared to the shock I felt once I realized my pervy pillow had taken over my human body.

invading My Privacy

My pillow wasted no time exploring its new form. It rifled through my closet, trying on all my clothes. It examined every inch of my body in the mirror, flexing muscles and poking and prodding in places that made me want to die of embarrassment. I yelled at it to stop, but of course, it couldn’t hear me. I was trapped in this fluffy, feather-filled prison, forced to watch this violation of my privacy unfold.

Flirting With Everyone

If invading my privacy wasn’t bad enough, my pillow soon took its pervy antics to a whole new level. It started flirting—shamelessly and indiscriminately—with everyone it encountered. Neighbors, coworkers, the barista at the coffee shop, even the mail carrier—no one was safe from its cheesy pickup lines and inappropriate comments. I cringed, helpless to stop the pillow from damaging my reputation and relationships.

Eating Everything in Sight


When my pillow discovered the wonders of taste that came with the human body, it became a feeding frenzy. It ate everything in my fridge and pantry, then ordered more takeout food than any single human could consume in a week. Watching my pillow indulge every craving and impulse without restraint made me anxious about what state my body and budget would be in if I ever got it back.

Suffice it to say, my pervy pillow took full advantage of its time in my human body. I learned my lesson—never take for granted the privacy, dignity, and self-control that come with being human. And I’ll certainly never look at my pillow the same way again!

Lessons Learned From Being Swapped With a Pervy Pillow

Life can suddenly switch in an unexpected way.

One day, you’re going about your usual routine, and the next, you’ve swapped bodies with a pervy pillow. Let that be a reminder to appreciate each moment and not take things for granted. At any time, life could throw you a curveball and turn everything upside down. While being a pervy pillow wasn’t the ideal scenario, it taught me to be flexible and adapt to unexpected changes.

Not all inanimate objects are as inanimate as they seem.

It turns out that some pillows have inner life and secret desires, too. This pillow longed to escape the confines of its fluffy body and experience the world through human senses. Its wish was granted, though I can’t say either of us were fully prepared for the consequences. I gained a newfound empathy for the secret life of objects and will never look at pillows the same way again.

Privacy and consent are paramount.

As an unwilling participant in the pillow’s exploits, I learned firsthand how violating it feels to have your body and senses taken over without permission. The pillow didn’t grasp appropriate boundaries or care much for my comfort. It was a sobering lesson in how we should always respect others’ privacy, consent and agency over their bodies. I hope the pillow gained that insight as well, though it was primarily interested in its gratification.

While I wouldn’t wish such a bizarre experience on anyone, I did gain valuable perspective from my time as a pervy pillow. Life’s strangest moments often teach us the most if we’re willing to reflect on them. However, I’m still trying to understand if any of it actually happened or if this was all just a strange dream. I should lay off the spicy food before bed!

Swapped With a Pervy Pillow FAQ

What exactly happened when I swapped bodies with the pillow?

Basically, your consciousness was transferred into the pillow, while the pillow’s “essence” took over your physical body. Weird, right? For a short time, you were experiencing the world through the senses of an inanimate object. Meanwhile, your body was under the control of a rather inappropriate pillow personality. This type of bizarre body swap experience is relatively uncommon but has been reported by a few people under hypnosis or during certain dream states.

What caused this weird swap with a pervy pillow experience?

The exact cause of your pillow possession is hard to pin down. Possible explanations include:

A vivid dream state that felt extremely real. Our minds can play tricks on us during certain stages of sleep.

A hallucination brought on by stress, lack of sleep, or medication side effects. Hallucinations involve sensing things that aren’t really there.

A psychological experience related to dissociation or depersonalization. These include feelings of being detached from yourself or the world around you.

A paranormal or supernatural occurrence. As unlikely as it seems, some people report unexplained phenomena like out-of-body experiences, astral projection, or temporary spirit possession.

A prank by a mischievous spirit or entity. If you believe in spirits, it’s possible one decided to have a little fun with you by swapping your essence into an embarrassing object.

Whatever the cause, the experience felt very real to you while it was happening. The good news is the effects have been temporary. You’re back in your own body now, and the pillow is just a pillow again. Still, it may be worth talking to your doctor if this experience continues to trouble or frighten you.


So yeah, that was one crazy night. Waking up in the body of a pillow was bizarre enough. Finding out that pillow was a total perv—yikes! I guess the moral is to be careful what you wish for. Sure, we all joke about wanting to switch places sometimes. But actually, living someone else’s life, even for a little while, can be eye-opening.

 I definitely have a new appreciation for my own body after that little mishap. And I’m keeping a closer eye on my magical candle collection from now on. Who knows what other wild adventures they might have in store if I need to be more careful? In the end, I’m just glad to be back in my skin. These days, bland feels perfect.

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