Valorant Patch Notes 8.09: Brimstone’s Buff and Bug Fixes

The recent patch for Valorant is here and in this article, I want to go on a quick rundown of Patch 8.09. This patch is lighter than usual as the developers gear up for exciting upcoming content. Let’s dive in!

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Valorant Brimstone’s Smokin’ Hot Buff

Valorant Brimstone, the tactical controller known for his smokes and grenades, received a small but impactful update to his Sky Smoke (E) ability. This change aims to ensure his smokes cover the area indicated by the targeting UI, preventing frustrating situations where enemies could slip through the edges.

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Here’s the breakdown of Valorant Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E):

  • Radius increased: 410 >>> 415 (a slight increase)
  • UI targeting size updated: The outer edge of the targeting circle will now more accurately reflect the actual smoke size.

This means Valorant Brimstone’s smokes will now be slightly larger and provide better coverage, bringing them more in line with the smoke abilities of other controllers like Omen. This should improve Brimstone’s ability to block enemy vision and control key areas of the map.

Bug Fixes and Other Quality-of-Life Changes

This Valorant new Patch 8.09 also addresses some pesky bugs that have been causing headaches for players:

  • Missing Crosshair Profiles: This frustrating issue where players lost their saved crosshair profiles has been fixed. Unfortunately, lost profiles cannot be recovered. However, the developers are grateful for the information players provided during troubleshooting and will continue to monitor the situation. If you create new crosshair profiles and they continue to disappear, be sure to contact Player Support.
  • Combat Report Mishaps: The “Killed By” feed on Combat Reports will now display accurate information. No more mystery deaths!
  • Persistent Bullet Tracers: Ever turned off bullet tracers only to see them linger on your screen? This bug has been squashed, ensuring a cleaner visual experience.
  • Post-Game Freeze: The occasional client freeze after a game has been resolved. You should no longer need to restart your client just to get back to the action.

Mastering Valorant Brimstone’s New Smoke

While the radius increase for Brimstone’s Sky Smoke seems minor (only 5 units), it can make a big difference in tight spaces. Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of his buffed smokes:

  • Precise Placement: Utilize the updated UI targeting to ensure your smokes land exactly where you need them. The outer edge should now accurately reflect the final smoke size.
  • Stacking Smokes: Combine Brimstone’s Sky Smoke with smokes from other controllers like Omen or Viper to create impenetrable walls of vision denial. This can completely shut down enemy pushes on specific choke points.
  • Deception and Entry Assist: Use your smokes creatively. You can fake smokes to bait enemy rotations or quickly establish one-way smokes for your team to enter a site safely.

Looking Ahead

While Patch 8.09 is light on content, it paves the way for upcoming features. The developers hinted at “bigger things soon,” so get ready for exciting updates in the coming weeks!

In Conclusion

This patch focuses on improving Brimstone’s smoke utility and squashing some annoying bugs. While the Brimstone Valorant buff might seem small, it could have a significant impact on his effectiveness in controlling the battlefield. Stay tuned, Agents, as exciting new content is just around the corner!

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